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Online Enrolment

I can’t find the login page to enrol:

The online login page is accessible several ways:

  1. By clicking the green circle icon top right of every page that looks like a little person. (Once logged in, this will also take them to their online enrolment hub.)
  2. By clicking login in the full menu, accessed using the button with three lines top right of every page.
  3. By clicking the yellow ‘sign in’ button under step 3 on the homepage.
  4. By clicking the purple ‘Online Enrolment Login’ button at the bottom of the homepage. (This disappears once students are logged in.)
  5. Using direct links below: Bishop Burton -

I am logged in but don’t know what to do:

Once you have logged in, you will be automatically redirected to your course page, for the course that you are about to enrol on. On this page, you will see a button that says ‘online enrolment’. You can also access your online enrolment hub by clicking the green button to the top right of the screen, that looks like a little person.

I have received my login details but they don’t work:

Please check the following:

  • The date that you have been told you can enrol – you will not be able to log in to the system before the enrolment date you have been given in your invitation to enrol letter / email
  • Are they using the correct login details? (Ensure all punctuation and characters are entered correctly. This includes any special characters such as ! ? * as well as being case sensitive. Please do not copy and paste the information from the email.

If you are still having issues please contact us at or call us on 01964 553000.

I have not received my login details:

If you are eligible for online enrolment then you should receive your login details initially via post at some point after 19th July. You must have accepted your place at the college to be sent an invitation to enrol. Invitations are sent via post, to your personal email we have on file as well as a reminder text message.

If you have accepted a place at the college and you have not received an invitation to enrol before 9th August, then contact us at or call us on 01964 553000.

You are eligible to enrol online if you have met at least one of the below criteria:

  • Received an offer for a Further Education course and aged between 16 and 18 years old.
  • Received an offer for a Further Education course, has an educational healthcare plan and aged between 19 and 24 years old.
  • Received an offer for a Higher Education course.
  • Returning from a break in learning – Higher Education.
  • Continuing Higher Education course.

I would like to change course / the incorrect course is showing on the online enrolment system:

The course assigned to you should match what you applied for, however, you may have applied for more than one course - please note that we can only link one course to each student.

If you would like to change the course that the system is showing, you will need to contact the college to discuss confirm the change or to discuss your options with the relevant academic teams. Once both you and the tutor have agreed on the right course, the online enrolment will be updated, by the end of the next working day. You can then complete your online enrolment, using the original login details that you were sent.

You are able to complete sections of the enrolment in the meantime, but should wait until the course is showing correctly before approving their course and completing the Learner Declaration section.

I cannot progress with enrolment and am being told to contact the college:

Please follow the instructions on the page and contact us at or call us on 01964 553000.

I cannot submit a particular section of the form:

Students need to submit something for each section in order to progress through to the final stage of the online enrolment process – the Learner Declaration. Students should:

  • Check they have completed all mandatory fields (these should be flagged when the you press save if they are not complete)
  • Save each section, before clicking confirm and submitting all sections, even if they are not relevant to the you. For instance, for Car Parking, if you do not require a permit you should still save the section, leaving the answers blank – you must click save to move on to the next6 section in this instance.

I can’t upload a file to the student ID photo / previous education sections:

Check the upload files are in one of the following file types:

  • JPEG
  • PDF

There is a file size limit of 10mb. Please check that the combined size of the files you are uploading do not exceed this.

I do not have a photo to upload for my ID card:

The student photo is a mandatory field - an image must be uploaded for you to complete your online enrolment. However, you can take and upload a photo using your mobile phone, it does not need to be a professional ID photo like those often used for passport photos. However, you should not use filters and the image should clearly show your head and shoulders and be a good likeness.

I am struggling to submit my previous education section but have completed all fields as far as I can see:

It may be that a section of the qualifications table is not fully displaying on your mobile phone screen and therefore the error message that is being returned cannot be seen without scrolling right (as demonstrated by the below screen shots). If the grade is missing then the ‘error’ appears underneath the grade field, which isn’t always i9n view, dependent on what screen you are viewing the site. To view all information, you must swipe from the right.

I have completed the form, am I now enrolled?:

Once you have completed all sections of the form you should see a green tick next to each section, indicating that all information has been saved correctly. You will receive a confirmation email to the same email address to which your login details were sent.

You should also receive a confirmation email from the college admissions team within 10 working days of completing your online enrolment, confirming that your enrolment has been successfully saved and processed.

I would like to come and enrol onsite:

Should you wish to come on to site rather than enrol online, we have pre-bookable timeslots available. To book a slot please CLICK HERE and look for the ‘In Person Enrolment’ section. Click on the area you are interested in and book a timeslot for your subject area and preferred time/ date.